1. A Benders Decomposition Approach for Low Rank Concave
  2. A Branch-and-Bound Algorithm For The Problem of Scheduling
  3. A comparative study of different feature extraction techniques for identifying COVID-19
  4. A Discrete Analogue of the Half-Logistic Distribution
  5. A Framework for Risk Management of Large-Scale
  6. A Fuzzy Goal Programming Model for Selecting
  7. A fuzzy multicriteria approach for phosphogypsum waste valorization
  8. A GCC Evidence on the Effect of Board
  9. A Low cost Augmented Reality system for Wide Area Indoor Navigation
  10. A memetic metaheuristics search algorithm for load frequency regulation in multi area power system
  11. A Multi-criteria Scheme to Build Model Ensemble for Dengue Infection Case Estimation
  12. A multi-criterion decision analysis based on PCA
  13. A Noninvasive Approach Using Multi-tier Deep Learning Classifier for the Detection
  14. A Non-Isolated DC-DC Boost Converter with High Gain Ability for Renewable Energy
  15. A Path Planning Optimization Algorithm
  16. A Performance Analysis of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  17. A Practical Scheduling Optimizer for Plastic Injection
  18. A Processing Delay Tolerant Workflow Management
  19. A Proposed Lean Distribution System
  20. A real-time application to detect human voice disorders
  21. A review on Diagnosis and Treatment methods for coronavirus disease
  22. A Sentiment Analysis Study on Recognition of Facial Expressions
  23. A State-of-the-Art Review on xEVs and Charging Infrastructure
  24. A Study on Machine Learning Classifier Models in Analyzing Discipline
  25. A two stage approach for off-price retailers selection
  26. A Two Tier Iterative Ensemble Method To Tackle Imbalance
  27. Adoption of E-business
  28. Adoption of FinTech and Future Perspective
  29. Agility decision-making model in digital enterprise
  30. Air Quality Monitoring through LoRa Technologies
  31. An approach to automatically measure and visualize class
  32. An Effective Solution to Unit Commitment Problem in Presence of Sustainable Energy Using Hybrid Harris Hawk’s Optimizer
  33. An Integrated Weighting-based Modified WASPAS Methodology
  34. An Investigation into the Contributing Factors
  35. An overview of Intrusion Detection Based on Deep Learning Techniques
  36. Analysing the effect of electronic service quality
  37. Analysis of Dengue Fever Transmission Dynamics
  38. Application of FinTech, Machine learning and Artificial
  39. Application of Fuzzy TOPSIS Algorithm for selecting best family car
  40. Application of GA Feature Selection on Naïve Bayes, Random Forest
  41. Application of Mobile Computer Digital Devise
  42. Artificial Intelligence As Decision Aid In Humanitarian Response
  43. Assessing the COVID-19 Performance Indicators Used in the Portuguese Daily Situation Report
  44. Asymmetric production metric for calculating the similarity of objects
  45. Attendance Management System using Facial Recognition
  46. Attitude Regulation of Spacecraft using Large
  47. Attracting Gen Z to Small and Medium Enterprises
  48. Automated Home Based Physiotherapy
  49. Automatic Term Extraction on Turkish Scientific Texts
  50. Automatically Navigating Protein Interaction Networks
  51. Backwater calculation due to Arc Bridges with skewed crossing
  52. Board of Directors and Intellectual Capital Disclosure
  53. Building A New Blueprint for Operating Workflow Efficiently
  54. Business Analytics of E-Commerce Policy
  55. Cancer Literature Classification Methods Performance
  56. Cognitive Computing in Software evaluation
  57. Combined multi-layered big data and responsible
  58. Combining Convolutional Neural Network
  59. Comparative analysis on carbon footprint
  60. Comparative performance of Islamic Market Index based on Optimized Renko Method
  61. Comparing Decision Tree and Logistic Regression
  62. Comparison between Convolutional Neural Network
  63. Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Random
  64. Comprehensive Forecasting of Interconnected Socio-Economic Indicators
  65. Computational Modelling and Analysis of Fullerene
  66. Computerized Decision Aid Applied to Meshless Method
  67. Consumer Vehicle Purchase Decision-making during COVID-19
  68. Corporate Governance and the Insolvency Risk
  69. Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Firms’ Dividend Payout Policies
  70. Corporate Governance, Ownership Structure
  71. Corporate University- The Vital Human Resource and Marketing Decision-Making
  72. Cuckoo Search Optimization based MPPT for Integrated
  73. Dailly Forecasting of Photovoltaic Power
  74. Data Analytical Framework for Internet of Things
  75. Data Analytics of Strategic Agility and Competitiveness in Operation performance
  76. Data Augmentation to Improve the Performance of a Convolutional Neural Network
  77. Data Imputation-Based Learning Models for Prediction of Diabetes
  78. Decision Aid in Budgeting Systems for Small & Medium Enterprises
  79. Decision Making Based On Machine Learning Algorithm
  80. Decision making to calculate economic sustainability index
  81. Decision Models in Marketing
  82. Decision Support Using Simulation to Improve Productivity
  83. Decision-making support system for fruit diseases classification
  84. Deep Convolutional Neural Network based Feature Extraction with Optimized Machine Learning Classifier in Infant Cry Classification
  85. Deep Neural Network-Based Approach
  86. Design and Analysis of a Closed-Loop Temperature Engineering Control System using MikroC and Proteus
  87. Design Key Performance Indicator for Distribution Sustainable
  88. Designed Artifacts for Analyzing and Evaluating Children
  89. Designing the Concept of Leaderships Intelligence (CI2.1) Version 2.0 inside Social Media
  90. Determining Ownership Structure Threshold
  91. Development of a collaborative decision-making framework to improve the Patients’ Service Quality in the Intensive Care Unit
  92. Development of a Voice Chatbot for Payment Using Amazon Lex Service with Eyowo as the Payment Platform
  93. Development of Microstrip Patch Antenna Integrated on Solar Cell Based
  94. Effect of Individual Differences in Predicting Engineering
  95. Effects of Chevrons on the Acoustic Noise and Velocity Patterns
  96. Efficiency Analysis to evaluate a Breast Cancer
  97. Electricity Power Demand Comparative Analysis
  98. Embracing of Fintech in Islamic Finance in the post COVID era
  99. Empirical Method of Evaluating the Numerical Values of Metrics in the Process of Medical Software Quality Determination
  100. Employees with stigmatized identity suffer more!
  101. Enhancing of the operational decisions in Electric Power
  102. Ensemble Learning Algorithm-based Artificial Neural Network
  103. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure and firm performance
  104. Escalation commitment in decision making
  105. Evaluating environmental quality in Tunisia
  106. Experimental characterization of dynamic behavior
  107. Factors Influencing Ethical Decision Making
  108. Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Trade Openness
  109. Fleet Management Optimization in Car Rental Industry
  110. Forecast of the number of new patients
  111. Friend Recommendation Decision Systems via Multiple
  112. Fuzzy decision support system for risk analysis in urban requalification project
  113. Gender Prediction for Instagram User Profiling using Deep Learning
  114. Graphical Disclosure Practices in GCC Countries
  115. Group Decision Model for Logistic Performance Analysis
  116. Guidelines of Influencer Intelligence
  117. Handling Unknown Words in Neural Machine Translation
  118. Housing Infrastructure Resilience Framework Development
  119. How to choose an online financial product
  120. Hybrid encryption protocol for RFID Data Security
  121. Hyperparameter Optimization on Support Vector
  122. IIoT Benefits and Challenges with BlockChain
  123. iMED Improvement of graphical model of railway stations functioning
  124. Improving Efficiency of Self-care Classification Using PCA
  125. Improving the Performance of Multinomial Logistic Regression
  126. Incorporating the decision maker’s preferences in Dietary Menu
  127. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring with IoT- Predicting PM10
  128. Inflation Rate and Construction Materials Prices
  129. Influence of External Workforce Diversity Factors on Labor Productivity
  130. Innovation in an Emerging Market
  131. Innovative Technologies for the Creation
  132. Intelligent Computation to build a Novel Recommender of Products through Internet of Things
  133. InteroEvery Microservice Based
  134. Investigating the linkage between Quality of work life
  135. IoT Based Remote Patient Monitoring System
  136. IoT based Smart Digital Electric Meter for Home Appliances
  137. IoT Driven Resiliency with Artificial Intelligence
  138. Land Surface Temperature Modelling over Geoclimatic
  139. Levels of Financial Inclusion in the WAEMU Countries
  140. Linear Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression
  141. Logistic and Blockchain
  142. Logistics strategy (FIFO, FEFO or LSFO) decision support system for perishable food products
  143. LSTM Based Approach for Classifying Twitter Posts
  144. Machine intelligence vs. human intelligence
  145. Machine Learning for Malware Detection
  146. Machine Learning for Strategic Decision Making during COVID-19
  147. Machine Learning Techniques for Determining Students
  148. Macroeconomic determinants of nonperforming loans
  149. Managing Big Data using Model Driven Engineering
  150. Measuring the Accuracy of SVM with Varying Kernel Function
  151. Methodology of human factor influence on complex safety
  152. Micromanagement’s impact on banks’ performance
  153. Microsoft Azure IoT-based Edge Computing for Smart Homes
  154. Minimum-Cost Flight Package Development
  155. Modeling evapotranspiration using Encoder-Decoder Model
  156. Modelling for Optimal Load Dispatch of Integrated Renewable Energy
  157. Multi-Area Dynamic Dispatch Mathematical Formulation Incorporating
  158. Multicriteria Assessment of the Creative-Innovative Potential of Brazilian Cities
  159. Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods
  160. Municipal Infrastructure Prioritization based on Consequence-Based Decision-Making Framework
  161. Natural Gas Pipeline Failure Risk Prediction
  162. Neural Network-Support Vector Machine for Sinusitis Classification
  163. Neutrosophic-AHP-based GA Model for Renewals Planning
  164. New Combining Rules for Spatial Clustering Methods
  165. On Solving the On-Demand Grocery Delivery Problem
  166. Ontology-Based Approach to Determine the Coverage of Examination Papers
  167. Optimal engine technology mix in a low carbon economy
  168. Optimal Selection of Pyramid Pooling Components
  169. Optimistic disclosure tone in corporate annual
  170. Optimization Model for Production Systems of Irrigation Improvement
  171. Optimizing Ambulance Paths- Case Study of Red Cross Tripoli Branch
  172. Optimizing Ambulance Paths
  173. Pandemic Stabilizer
  174. Payout Decision pre- and during COVID-19
  175. Performance Evaluation of an Ensemble Method
  176. Performance Evaluation of Pulp and Paper Mills
  177. Performance Modeling of Sawmills using Artificial Intelligence
  178. Prediction and Classification of Rheumatoid Arthritis using Ensemble Machine
  179. Prediction Model for Type 2 Diabetes using Stacked Ensemble Classifiers
  180. Prediction of Real Estate Land Prices in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  181. Prediction of Success in Crowdfunding Platforms
  182. Preference disaggregation in ARAS-H method
  183. Promoting Green Behavior in Laboratories
  184. Promoting Patient Safety through Machine Learning
  185. Promoting the Benefits of ESCO Projects at University of Bahrain
  186. Proposed metamodels transformation from Predictive methodologies
  187. Quantification of social impacts on workers to aid decision-making in micro and small enterprises
  188. Random Net Implementation of MLP and LSTMs Using Averaging
  189. Realization of Low Scattering for a High-Gain Planar Antenna
  190. Real-time Contact Tracing During a Pandemic using Multi-camera
  191. Research paper classification based on Word2vec and community discovery
  192. Responsibility Social Monitoring as the Sustainable Development Basis
  193. Sentiment Analysis of Banks’ Annual Reports and Bank Features
  194. Similarity Features For The Evaluation Of Obfuscation Effectiveness
  195. Simulation and analytic hierarchy process to implement outpatient appointment
  196. Simulation Study of a Solar Glider Design
  197. Smart Agent Edge Microservices Deployment Approach
  198. Social interactions issues in group decision-making
  199. Soft Sensor for Online Prediction of Cement Fineness in Ball Mill
  200. Solving Stochastic Linear Quadratic Games in Discrete Time
  201. Stability Inspection of Isolated Hydro Power Plant with Cuttlefish Algorithm
  202. Stacking-based GRNN-SGTM Ensemble Model for Prediction Tasks
  203. State of the Art- Laser Surface Texturing for Biomedical Applications
  204. Statistical and Probabilistic-based Decision aids for Offshore Wind
  205. Statistical Fitting of Wind
  206. Speed Data
  207. Stochastic-based Deterioration Modeling of Elevators
  208. Stock price forecast with deep learning
  209. Stock Price Prediction Using CNN and LSTM
  210. Strategic Intelligence and Knowledge Management as drivers of Decision
  211. Supporting Tools for Transition towards Industry 4.0
  212. Talent Optimization in Faculty Recruitment in the Post-COVID-19 Era
  213. Technology Applications for Health Safety Decision Making
  214. TextMage
  215. The Application of TOPSIS in the Selection of Statistical Prediction Model
  216. The Areas and Requirements of Competitiveness Advantage
  217. The asymmetric association among the consumption
  218. The Impact of Trade and Financial Openness
  219. The Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set FlowSort methodology
  220. Time series forecasting of hourly water consumption with combinations of deterministic and learning models in the context of a tertiary building
  221. Towards an Intelligent Decision Making of Ti-based Powders Selection for Medical Manufacturing
  222. Towards Real-Time Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Student’s Beliefs
  223. Towards the assessment of the efficiency and sustainability
  224. Traceability system using IoT and forecasting model for food supply chain
  225. Traffic-Lights-Based Guidance System in Lebanon using Network Optimization
  226. Transforming Business Decision Making with Internet of Things
  227. Understanding The Key Factors That Influence Employee Loyalty in Public
  228. Value-Based Adoption Model on E-Wallet in Malaysia
  229. WEB Predictor COVIDz
  230. What motivates Shariah compliant companies
  231. YOLO v4 Based Human Detection System